Kharagpur Workshop

Kharagpur Workshop was established in 1898 as a small repair workshop of  Bengal Nagpur Railway. Kharagpur Workshop spread in 150 acres has evolved and grown over the years to become the largest maintenance workshop of the Indian Railways. It has the unique distinction of being the only Workshop of the Indian Railways which deals with all types of Rolling Stock viz. Coaches, EMUs, MEMUs, DEMUs, SP-ART, SP-ARME, Tower Cars, Diesel Locomotives, Electric Locomotives, Diesel Cranes and Wagons.

The Workshop also undertakes manufacture of a large number of Rolling Stock components and spares.  Apart  from this, Diesel POH Shop has the facilities for re-winding of traction machines, including coil manufacturing.  The Supervisors Training Centre attached to this Workshop has been provided with a Simulator for training of  Diesel Locomotive Drivers.
Based on the strength of its past achievements and glorious heritage, the Workshop has geared itself for facing the economic and technical challenges of the new millennium. 

 Main Workshop
 POH of AC/NAC Coach, EMU/MEMU, DEMU, Diesel Loco, Electric Loco, Rail Crane, Tower car, SP-ART, SP-ARME, Manufacturing of Rolling stock components.
 DEMU/ Haldia
 Furnishing of DEMU rake.
 Wagon Shop
 POH of Wagon.
 Adra Workshop
 NPOH of wagon

Employees on Roll as on 01-01-2019
Gazetted: 44
Non-gazetted: 8251
Area of Workshop
150.73 Acres
Main workshop: 101.93
Wagon shop: 48.80
Number of shops
Covered area
0.32 Sq.KM
Cranage line with Gantry
4.10 KM
Traverser lines
2.6 KM
Track length
87.5 KM
Main workshop: 54.53
Wagon hop: 19.25
Yard line between Main & Wagon shop: 13.72
Road length
24.20 KM
Main workshop: 14.367
Wagon shop: 6.553
Others (STC & Hostels): 3.28
Boundary Wall length
12.96 KM
Main workshop: 4.45
Wagon hop: 3.60
Others (STC & Hostels): 4.91
M&Ps installed
Electrical power consumption
4.71 MKWH per annum
Water consumption
4.25 Lakhs GPD
Standby power
1750 KVA x 3 DG Sets.
Staff quarters