Healthcare Services In Kharagpur, West Bengal

Healthcare Services In Kharagpur, West Bengal

Healthcare Services In Kharagpur, West Bengal

Being one of the most populated cities in Paschim Medinapur district of West Bengal state, the city of Kharagpur also enjoys the status of being one of the most important education, commercial and industrial hub. lt is home to numerous tourist spots and is thus rapidly developing into a major tourist centre as well. When it comes to healthcare facilities, this city has numerous hospitals, pathology labs, diagnostic centres and pharmacies to cater to the needs of the natives as well as the visitors. Various healthcare schemes and facilities are also made available by the government and the local authorities from time to time to ensure timely availability at healthcare services at affordable rates to people belonging to all sections of the society.
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Hospitals In Kharagpur
The Kharagpur hospital was established in the year 1897 and Dr Arthur Martin Leake Became its Chief Medical Officer in the year 1904. Numerous private hospitals, clinic and nursing homes came to be established in this city later on. Railway Main Hospital and Chandmari Hospital are important govermment owned hospitals in this city. Besides, there are private hospitals with advanced medical facilities, superior infrastructure and skillied team of doctors. specialists and staff, providing quality treatment to the distressed and needy and well equipped  to deal with medical emergencies. Besides, the private clinics and nursing homes ensure that the patients undergo treatment amidst homely and comfortable ambience.

Railway Main Hospital
Address: South Side, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)3222-255526

Sub Divisional Hospital
Address: Chota Tengra, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)94340 61074

B C Roy Technology Hospital
Address: IIT Campus, Kharagpur - 721302
Phone No: 03222-282632

Salua Nursing Home
Address: No- Shooting Area Salua, Kharagpur - 721305
Phone No: +(91)9434038002

Ayurveda In Kharagpur
Also called as the 'Science of Life', Ayurveda is a from of traditional madecial science that owen its origin to India. Ayurveda focuses on prevention of various diseases by elimination of their root cause, rather than just curing them. it enables a person lead and happy life by keeping the five elements balance. In Kharagpur, this from of medicine is  therefore ganinig huge popularity and many Ayurvedic Doctors and pharmacies can be seen set up in defirent parts of the city.

Patnjali Arogya Kendra
Address: Near- Police Phari, Kharida Main Road, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)9932651253

Maa Tara Clinic
Address: 1st floor Dr. J.N. Dutta arcade, Inda Market, Kharagpur - 721306
Phone No: +(91)7586934246

Patanjali Chikitsalaya
Address: DVC Market, Talbagicha, Kharagpur- 721306
Phone No: +(91)94349 94133

Homeopathy In Kharagpur
Like Ayurveda, homeopathy too as a from of alternate medication that originated in Greece and is slowly gaining popularity in our country. it is a from of holistic medicine that can be used to treat acute as well as various chronic condition. As it triggers the body's natural system of healing, if involves very tittle or almost no side effects. Many homeopathic clinic like Shree Durga Arogya Niketan, Doctor's chamber, Homeo Poly Clinic etc have been set up throughout the city to provide quality services to the people.

Homeo Poly Clinic
Address: Jhapatapur, OT Road, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)9733664073

Shree Durga Arogya Niketan
Address: Gopali, Salua Main Road, Kharagpur - 721145
Phone No: +(91)9933928006

Doctors' Chamber
Address: Bhandary Chawk, Station Road, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)7501705146

Chemists In Kharagpur
Pharmaceutical store have a prominent role to play during medical emergencies and cries of varying magnitudes. As a part of the healthcare services here, there are numerous pharmacies and chemist shops selling a wide variety of prescription drugs in Kharagpur. Most of them also offer home delivery services and are open round the clock, they prove to be life saviours during emergencies.

Frank Ross Pharmacy
Address: 32/13, Nagi Niwas(near S T Hospital), Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: 03222-258723

Sudha Medical
Address: Prakash Plaza, Chota Tengra, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)9635561110, 03222-221885

Giri  Medical
Address: Kaushalya, OT Road, Kharagpur - 721301
Phone No: +(91)8536880567

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